Second Trimester: Waiting With My Babes

december second trimester Collage

Besides the reluctance of the clock to move at  even average speed and allow me to meet my baby, the second trimester has been a blessing of energy and peace. People ask me, somewhat anxiously even, “How are you doing?” as if I am expected to fall to pieces every moment. Really though, I have strength and health and only minor complaints that I can only detail with other post-pregnancy mamas.

I am squished into that happy mass of bodies, feeling like a mountain of red but thoroughly delighted with the abundant family love!

I am squished into that happy mass of bodies, feeling like a mountain of red but thoroughly delighted with the abundant family love!

My major complaints are:

  • Intense heartburn
  • Creaky and stiff hips
  • A general feeling of mammoth motherhood

After all, I gained about 10# as soon as I hit 20 weeks and since then it’s been a pretty steady accumulation. Now, past the second trimester, at 29 weeks, I have gained a total of 20#. For my extra petite frame, this is a bit of strain, particularly on my digestive system. My tummy is compressed, meaning that even when I am hungry, my body thinks that it must be full since there isn’t any room for actual emptiness. Everything is scrunched up inside my short torso and the pressure on my stomach causes extra severe heartburn. For a remedy, I use apple cider vinegar, every evening, my husband hears me gagging and almost cursing under my breath as the vinegar sears its way down my throat. This is an effective, if painful, solution for me. I comfort myself with the belief that the vinegar does my gut good. If I were downing dozens of anti-acids like with my two previous pregnancies, I would be reducing my stomach’s natural ability to break down food with adequate acids. In theory, the vinegar “tells” my stomach that, yes, it does have enough acid and it can quit trying to crawl up my throat like an angry dream.20 weeks

I am still doing the Trim Healthy Mama style of eating. I feel it is keeping me from  potentially spiking blood sugar and excess weight gain. I have been miserably remiss in the exercise department, constantly telling myself that I WILL begin yoga again for these tight and abused hips and then failing anew with the completion of each passing week.

Our precious midwife, Khristeena, is an ever-available source for the random question and encouragement. I wish for every woman, every sister of mine, the gift of such an advocate of a woman’s natural birth-giving abilities. I am more impassioned than ever that women need to be freed from the systems that would harm and disable the capacity a woman was created with. More and more I feel that most of the damage is to the emotions and intellect of men and women. When information is withheld and hidden it is left up to the couple to do their own research and step out in courage with what they are convinced is best.

25 weeks

To not go with the status quo is inspiring. I am blessed with numerous brave women in my life, some who have gone before me, some who are giving birth “with me”, coming forward to defy peer pressure and conventional (false and ignorant) wisdom armed with intuition and facts to give birth the way they need and want to! I look forward to not only the longed for birth of my third darling but also the triumphant stories of my sisters.

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