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Paul and Soraya

My name is Anna.  I am on a daily cooking journey to nourish the body and feed the soul.
I love nurturing my two home-born babies, my husband, and anyone and everyone that happens to land in our tiny colorful apartment.  Herbs, local gardens, farmers markets, music and social awareness get me excited.  My weight struggles as a young woman are part of me, but thankfully, have not ruined me. Rather, I am impassioned to live vibrantly and abundantly in the face of our imbalanced culture.  Eating fat has been the one thing that helped me lose weight!
I try to be real. Also, I am trying to view the world through open, thoughtful eyes; being no better than any of my neighbors half-way around the world or down the street in this impoverished urban neighborhood we call home.

Eden Rayne

My little family is rediculously wonderful! I can’t get enough of them.  They have steadied me and love me inexplicably…

Elliot Rowan

Elliot Rowan

Soraya Soleil

Soraya Soleil

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Can I just say I am SO excited to read your blog? There are some people that I just really wish would write a blog….and you happen to be one of them! 🙂

  2. AnnMarie on said:

    You’ve been missed! 🙂 Looking for your new, exciting delites!

  3. Willom Samuel on said:

    Anna, I just saw a recipe of yours on The Nourishing Gourmet site, Green Beans with Feta. In the instructions you say to “de-seed” tomatoes. One seeds a tomato, not de-seeds it, just as one stems collards, not de-stems them, or bones a chicken, not de-bones a chicken. Sorry to nit-pick your otherwise delicious-seeming recipe, but writing recipes should follow the same guidelines as all writing, don’t you think?

    W. Samuel

    • Absolutely, and I’m always ready to be schooled in such things. Thanks!

      • It would seem to me a tomato (or should I say to-mah-tow) is seeded when it is planted or grown and de-seeded when it needs to be seedless for cooking. I guess I’m just like most people. Must be nice to be special. Correct my English if it needs to be de-corrected.

        Looks like I’m a little late in my reply. Where’s the recipe for those Cranberry-To Die For-Cookies? I’ll be waiting while salivating. Thank you, Anna.

  4. Nicole Adams on said:

    Anna, I just read your story posted on Facebook and was very touched. My husband and I have been on the real food journey for about 10 years now, and we are also pregnant with our third, and we also life in the Buffalo, NY area! Have you started going to the local WAPF meetings? I would love to meet you sometime!

    • How cool! It would be great to link up, since you are a Buffalonian, chances are we are already connected and cross-connected through mutual acquaintances. I haven’t gone to WAPF meetings, though I should have guessed that we would have a local chapter as well. I definitely would like to sometime. Congrats on your expected little one! Are you on FB?

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