Blueberries and Cream

DSC_0920 (3)

There can be no pretense with a pared-down combination like this. It is laughably simple but addictively amazing.  Just the most pure and stellar ingredients, namely prime blueberries robed in the freshest cream and raw honey. This is what you would have if you were to deconstruct the most perfect blueberry ice cream.

Our family picked blueberries at a verdant farm late in early August and froze at least 16 quarts. We might be down to our last 6 quarts but we are still doing better than last year. After our traditional visit to Burdick’s Blueberries that year, I ate blueberries and cream, layered with a mass of golden honey, every. day. for weeks. I was a unabashed glutton. It’s a wonder I didn’t become malnourished on my daily meal (or two) of this. Either that or that I didn’t become quite rotund.

Thankfully though, this brief list of ingredients does include some major doses of nourishment, between the powerful antioxidant properties of the vivid blueberry, the live food benefits of raw cream as well as loads of fat-soluble vitamins, and continuing with the antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral activity of raw honey….DSC_0952 (2) DSC_0984 (2)

I realize that not everyone has access to local blueberries of this quality. For that reason, a summer bounty dish like this could get expensive when purchasing the proper blueberries. In this case, just eat this as a special dessert, enjoying every last scraping of violet-colored cream and chewy strands of cold honey.


1/2 cup hand-picked local blueberries (Freeze fresh from the supermarket berries yourself, or at the least, choose frozen organic blueberries, ie. Stahlbush or Earthbound Farms. I do not recommend the wild variety such as Wyman’s.)

1/4 cup raw cream ( You can use pasteurized brands like Organic Valley for a similar deliciousness, just not the array of health benefits.)

2-3 tbs. raw honey


1. Pour blueberries into a pretty bowl, pour over cream and drizzle honey. DSC_0925 DSC_0929 DSC_0934

*The most fantastic reaction between the cream and frozen blueberries occurs, the cream hardens around the blueberries, encasing them in a layer of cream and the honey gets so lovely and chewy you have to break up pieces to eat with each bite of cream and berries. It’s a sensory, textural party and definitely for the lush of heart and palateDSC_0943 (2)DSC_0940 (3)

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3 thoughts on “Blueberries and Cream

  1. stunning photos, anna. and this looks amazing! my favorite dish in the world is my dad’s crême anglaise + fresh blueberries 🙂

  2. stunning photos, anna. and this looks incredible. my favorite dish in the world is my dad’s chilled crême anglaise with fresh blueberries…i’m assuming this would be quite similar!

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