Buttermilk Chive Dressing or Dip

DSC_0591 (3)

Now that CSA season is here, I am reveling in the influx of early season greenery. We’ve been enjoying tender lettuces, cooking greens, and eye-popping, candy-sweet carrots. Sometimes , though, it can be a challenge to figure out what to do with such beautiful produce, especially with ingredients I don’t typically buy. In this case though, with this spring-like and pretty dip, I don’t normally have all the ingredients on hand simply because fresh chives and dill can be expensive when out of season and onions this crisp and mild aren’t easy to come by. So if you are blessed to enjoy herbs and such, from your backyards, or if you can find such delicacies at your farmers market, or even if it’s the dead of winter and you have some carefully preserved dried herbs, these flavors shouldn’t fail to please. The creaminess and tang of the buttermilk and cream cheese are a compliment to the zesty flecks of dill and chives. Whirled together with a wedge of onion and the bright, acid notes of a juicy lemon, you find yourself with a very versatile salad dressing or a lovely dip for crudites. Alternately, pour this dip over sautĂ©ed chicken or fish for a herbaceous field-fresh flavor and moisture boost.


8 oz. cream cheese, preferably organic and cultured

1/4 cup (or more depending upon desired consistency)buttermilk

3-4 Tbs. fresh lemon juice

3-4 Tbs. dill, preferably fresh

4 Tbs. chives, preferably fresh

1/8 of a sweet onion (a small wedge)

Salt, pepper


1. Put the cream cheese, lemon juice, buttermilk, and onion into the food processor. Process until smooth.DSC_0550 (4)

DSC_0554 (3) DSC_0558 (2) DSC_0562 (4) DSC_0567 (4)

2. Add salt and pepper to taste, add chives and dill, pulse until herbs are minced. Keep refrigerated.

DSC_0570 (4) DSC_0575 (4) DSC_0578 (2) DSC_0579 (2)

DSC_0586 (4) DSC_0606 (3)

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