Haight-Ashbury Salad

When Paul and I visited San Francisco in 2008 we were astounded by the superlative food culture; we toured Ghiradelli chocolate, devoured Boudin Bread’s sourdough, explored pristine and expansive farmers markets where we bought local cheese and stone fruits that exploded into droplets of sun-warmed juice in our mouths. My personal favorites included authentic Chinese in Chinatown, seafood served from a dockside restaurant and the California olive oil on just about everything. In one of the most colorful districts, Haight-Ashbury, hand-chalked outside a tiny, hippie-vibing bistro, was displayed the day’s menu with the inspiration of this salad scrawled across it. I don’t even remember what the ancestor salad contained only that I tasted the flavors in my mouth and jotted down my interpretation of it.

Serves One, possibly Two

3 large handfuls of greens, mesclun, green lettuce or romaine

1/4 large beet

2 tbsp. walnuts

2 tbsp. gorgonzola

Olive oil/walnut oil



1/4 fresh lemon


1. Rinse and dry lettuce.

2. Toast walnut over medium-low heat until fragrant and golden brown. Coarsely chop.

3. Peel and grate beet. Add to salad.

4. Toss walnuts on salad. Crumble gorgonzola over salad.

5. Drizzle with oil.

6. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

7. Slice lemon and squeeze over salad.

Enjoy every vibrant bite!

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