I’ve just “gone public” with this blog. It’s been in the making for a while now, let me know what you think!

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5 thoughts on “Eastsidepicurean

  1. Jasmine on said:

    Love the blog! It’s inspiring and has me already thinking of ways I can modify my own cooking and baking and continue to grow in my abilities. When we first moved to Thailand I was far to overwhelmed to even attempt cooking on a regular basis, but as I’ve grown more accustomed to what is available here and how to improvise I’ve become more and more excited about cooking. I know that your blog will afford countless inspirations!

  2. Fantastic Anna, I really like this blog for many reasons. I will be checking back often. And remember I have had the great pleasure of eating from your creative gifts so I already know the recipies will be wonderful.


  3. Gretchen on said:

    I could use a good bread recipe when you get a chance so I dont have to buy that stuff from the store anymore! Good luck with the blog I will be trying the recipes!!

  4. more more more!
    Love the blog thus far!

    -Laura (coworker of Linda A. ,…. she told me about your blog!)

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